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  • Resealability of the bottle: The pourer allows the bottle to be sealed with the regular screw cap.
  • The uniform pouring speed is suitable for the professional “barkeeper 4 count method”. (The counting method allows exact portioning of 1cl, 2cl, 3cl, 4cl.)
  • Suitable for professionals in the gastronomy, as well as for home bar enthusiasts.
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The pourer is suitable for common 0.7 to 1 litre bottles. The lamella diameter is from 19 to 22 mm. The lamellas give way approx. 2 mm in the bottle neck.

A unique product from the collection of the various liquor pourers:
The Cap-On – a great new, revolutionary pourer, which is aimed at home bar enthusiasts as well as bar owners and restaurateurs.
Designed for precise dispensing of your favourite top shelf liqueurs and for subsequent storage with the cap-on in the bottle neck and the closed bottle cap.

Simply open your new favourite bottle and put the Cap-On pourer on the bottle.
Then pour the drink into the glass at professional pouring speed and accuracy.

This pourer is flattened so that the cap can be screwed on again.

We all know that alcohol begins to evaporate after a certain time. That’s why we like to keep the caps on our expensive top shelf bottles.
Enjoy the advantage that the cap prevents evaporation and fruit flies and improves general cleanliness.

If you are serious about your liquors ans spirits, this cap-on pourer is a must have for your bar.
Fits whisky, vodka, Jägermeister, rum, gin and many more bottles.

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