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MGB & MG TDBecause cork and paper seals are usually used only once, and often can not be removed without a trace, there are now for all classic car professionals (and hobbyists) the new ENGOLIT seals.

  • Perfect fit and reusable:

    Our valve cover gaskets and side cover gaskets are made of rubber, so-called NBR rubber (nitrile rubber). Therefore the seals are used repeatedly and are resistant to oil, petrol, grease and hydrocarbons. The perfect fit allows easy installation.

  • Improved seals:

    By the material used (NBR), the quality of our valve and side cover gaskets is much improved compared to seal materials made of cork. Each ENGOLIT seal is Made in Germany. Our valve and side cover gaskets are resistant to temperatures between -30 ° C to +120 ° C.


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