Flow meters, dispensing equipment and revolving beacon lights.

ENGOLIT has been based in Voerde since 1984. Originally the production commenced in Wesel manufacturing technical plastic parts. We now supply, on a worldwide basis, optical dispensers for spirits and flow measuring devices for the food and beverage industry and triple lens revolving beacons for police vehicles, fire brigade units and other rescue services.

Through quality products and prompt delivery we have developed into a company with worldwide business connections.

NEW: Metering bottle dispenser with »Finger Push«

dispenser for spirits
Our new metering bottle dispensers for spirits are now available with hygienic finger push dosing. This technology provides better protection from contamination.
» All details about the new metering beverages dispenser FP

Flow measuring devices for individual applications.

ENGOLIT flow meters and the corresponding flow sensors set the standard in flow measurements. Our flow meters will meet your individual requirements in the food and beverage or related industries. Our flow meters with the state of the art sensors (Hall and IR) guarantee more precise measurements for flow and monitoring applications.

Flow sensors

The ENGOLIT flow meters type Hall-3802 and Hall-3803 are fitted with sensors that operate as electrical impulse transmitters activated by a built in magnet. The IR-3800 type flow meters utilize infrared sensors and are thus ideal for measuring aggressive media.

Devices like our metering bottle dispensers »Volum-Matic« and turbine flow meter for e.g. cola, beer and spirits are supplied worldwide from Voerde. Waiting staff are well kitted with ENGOLIT waiter’s wallet light.

Flow measurement (gastronomy)

We take pride in the quality of all products we offer. Especially the food and beverage industry is fully aware of the importance of dispensing volume metering. For this reason we fit our flow meters with a functional indicator and our dispensers for spirits with a digital counter to ensure the measures are accurate.

Whether using the space saving wall mounted variety or the practical bottle mounted units, our dispensers never lose a drop. Our flow meters and sensors are the optimum. Measure and control accurately flow with the ENGOLIT flow meters. Our flow meters are installed successfully in the following industrial branches: Volume metering, pharmaceutical, solar, chamical and photo laboratories.

Our products for flow measurement:

  • Oval wheel flow meter
  • Geared wheel flow meter
  • Flow sensor IR-3800
  • Flow sensor Hall-3802
  • Flow sensor Hall-3803
  • Turbine flow meter

You can learn more about our products online and convince yourself that these products will suit your needs. If you require any further information for other specialized industrial applications, please do not hesitate to phone us.